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Top MRT train delay reasons 

Tired of hearing the same old excuses…er…reasons for train delays? Annoyed by the lack of details in the announcements?

To make the trips more bearable  we invite you to contribute to the most creative delay reasons you can come up with to entertain the passengers ie. You!

Feel free to add the reasons you have heard that are not listed below and of course, your most innovative ones 😃

 Current overused reasons

‘Due to ________, the train will be delayed for a short while’

  1. system fault
  2. line fault
  3. congestion ahead
  4. train ahead in next station
  5. emergency button activated
  6. platform heavy passenger activity
  7. checks on the new signalling system
  8. re-signalling fault 
  9. Screen door fault

‘Due to signalling test/checks expect an additional X mins  to your travel time.’
‘The train has stopped here for a short while because the train ahead is still in the next station’

Suggested reasons (as credible as possible)

Due to _________, the train will be delayed for a short while’

  1. uneven tracks warped by the recent heat wave (technical and logical)
  2. scrambled signalling system caused by magnetic interference  from solar activity (outer worldly)
  3. unusual non-human manifestations up ahead (other worldly)
  4. unexpected air displacement (less vague and more technical)
  5. driver answering nature call
  6. the economic downturn
  7. too much friction from wheel to track contact because of overladen train
  8. irreconcilable differences between itself and the commuters

‘The train has stopped here for a short while because _________’

  1. if it doesn’t it will have to later anyway
  2. it is suffering an emotional breakdown
  3. it needs rest
  4. the driver needs rest
  5. an object ,living or non living, is lodged between doors 

Just relax and have a great day!

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Big fairs like Art Basel Hong Kong are great for business, but bad for art

Is she? Or Isn’t she?

Hyper realistic sculpture of a kneeling woman.

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Simulacrum Graphica


I was designing a meeting room and decided I should visualise it. I wanted it to be a place where it will  conducive for productive meetings and yet be able to monitor operations through a glass wall. The room is big enough so that it does not feel claustrophobic. To provide a more relaxed environment  I have made the table casually stylized and  decorated walls and floor in homely colours.

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I Didn’t Know It Had A Name!

I Didn't Know It Had A Name!

I was enjoying this Peranakan kueh when I happened to look down at what I was eating. My skin began to crawl and goose bumps began popping up as I stared at the tiny little holes that went all the way through.

I then decided to look it up and post this photo of the cross section of my delicious kueh. Do have have the same reaction when you look at it? Comment ifyou do and describe how you feel. It would be interesting to know if it is different from mine.

“Trypophobia” (Greek for “boring holes” + “fear”) is the irrational fear of clustered holes!
There you have it. Now I have to live with another phobia apart from my acrophobia AND claustrophobia.


February 23, 2014 · 5:39 pm

The Year of the Horse 2014. 新年快乐!

恭喜发财! Here’s wishing all of you  a Prosperous Lunar New Year! A touch of Longevity doesn’t hurt either. 😛

This is the festive period of the year where good food and family values come together.

What is more representative of Chinese New Year custom than the Reunion dinner (年夜飯)?

Glistening grilled shrimps.

Succulent scallops. Sesame oil marinated pork. Bouncy fish spheres (balls sounds too crude ~lol).

The freshest flower crabs with oozing roe.

Spicy chicken curry. And the very intense pork ribs simmered in candlenut (Aleurites moluccana) sauce.

And aside from the gastronomic indulgence. A few images of the festive symbolisms.


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Theatre Tranquillitatis

My Theatre of Tranquility.

Been down lately. Got two of my short stories rejected. I’m kind off trying to get use to this.

Did a stop motion video with the kids. Do check it out

English: Lego car animation created by slow-mo...

English: Lego car animation created by slow-motion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It means so much to them and a “like” will encourage them to do better. 🙂

Have great days ahead of you.


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