Deus Ex Machina

XL Recordings Sampler 2011

XL Recordings Sampler 2011 (Photo credit: fabricio™)

Hello everyone,

I’m an absolute  blogging noob. And I must admit I can’t write well off-the-cuff but I feel the need to share with you great people out there.

But then there are so many topics of interest that one can blog about. Where to begin?

Decision, decisions.

Perhaps some tips on how I get inspiration to write.

In the age of quick gratification you might think that, and you are right, that writing a novel it is time consuming and energy sapping. But after all that slogging you will see that the rewards are well worth it. The satisfaction of putting ‘THE END’ on the last page could literally bring out tears of joy.

My main inspiration is from music. A haunting melodic tune that never fails arouse emotions in me.  I’m going to leave you with this song to whet your appetite for further posts.   Thanks!

Deus ex Machina (Liv Kristine album)

Deus ex Machina (Liv Kristine album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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