Deus Ex Machina Duo

Ah, the “All-powerful God from the machine”, analogous to the Author hacking away on the computer .

How most writers at one point are guilty of cooking up a plot line so convoluted that they do not know how to  effectively come up with a satisfactory conclusion to their story. They then commit the great crime of “Oh, to blazes with it!” and just sneak in the most contrived solution, end it with a quick epilogue hinting of another sequel and then popping*  the champagne.

* Amusing that I had type an ‘o’ in place of the second ‘p’ earlier. I think this feat could be accomplish if one consumes enough sparkly which I suppose renown scribe D. Brown will be suffering from once sale of Inferno reaches a million.

Just to share with you readers the plot of my fantasy YA novel I’m working on. Comments are welcome. I will talk about it more in future posts.

“A 15-year-old student, suffering from a disease that gives her heterochromia, goes about her ordinary humdrum life in a present day metropolitan city. The girl, Megan, gets herself in a situation where she was about to warn her mother of an oncoming bus when she is whisked off to another world. She arrives at a College where girls learn to shape magika spells and boys train to fight with blades to be their Protectors. Concern for her mother coupled with denial of this non-reality, make her long to return but she realises she is stranded. She becomes a student initiate to blend in and finds out later that the one who brought her here is the all-powerful enemy of the land who has the ability to open doorways to other planes of existence, including one that is inhabited by demonic entities of utmost evil. The only one preventing the enemy from conjuring the worst and annihilating the world is an ageless child, the head of a religious order. It is dying and telepathically communicates its desire to meet Megan. She sneaks out of the College with her only real friend to find the ageless child. Maybe the child has the answer to how she could get back home. Aided or hindered by the Chantresses of the College, she instead finds herself embroiled in the fight between good and evil, where the line between friend and foe is blurred. At a pivotal point of the tale she is faced with the choice to defeat the enemy of the land and save its inhabitants or return to the uncertain fate of her mother.”

Leaving you with another song straight from the Elysium Planes. Thank you for reading.

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