“Life threatening for the ill and elderly.”

We have gone past the 400 mark. The ‘Life threatening for the ill and elderly ( and also possibly those who has chronic asthma)’ range.

One issue of concern is that N95 masks are hard to get  everywhere.

I empathise for those walking outside on the streets now. They must be breathing in hellfire. Mask or no mask. I can’t see five metres out from my window.

I just hope it doesn’t get any higher and that the rains will come soon.



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2 responses to ““Life threatening for the ill and elderly.”

  1. Oh my goodness! How are you coping?

  2. Hi there!
    We are managing quite well actually. The haze varies in density daily and as of now the reading stands at 105 PSI ‘unhealthy’ zone. We put on industrial quality mask filters when we have to go out. I have read reports about masks running out in the pharmacies and people panicking. Most shut themselves indoors and turn on the air conditioners. The fires in Sumatran forests seem to be burning beyond control. We’ll just have to wait for the rains for some respite.
    Thanks for the concern!

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