“Clear skies! ….but prepare for return.”

At last some respite, thanks to rain and south easterly winds. The haze situation has lessen somewhat to the 50-100 moderate range. There isn’t the smell of burnt ash and visibility has improved but the PM2.5 threat is still ever present, the particles waiting to quietly lodge themselves deep in the lungs every breath you take. I empathise with our neighbour up north where they are hitting 700+PSI in some states.

Only last week, people were panicking when masks ran out in the pharmacies. Many resorted to ordering them online but opportunists abound who price them three to seven times there cost. Others just shut themselves indoors and turn on the air conditioning and air purifiers. I saw signs at major electronics and appliances stores that indicate air purifiers, even the costly ones were sold out.

Well. We have to go on with our lives.

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