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TODAYonline | KKH, SGH, NUH to use only cheaper infant milk formulas from July 1


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Top MRT train delay reasons 

Tired of hearing the same old excuses…er…reasons for train delays? Annoyed by the lack of details in the announcements?

To make the trips more bearable  we invite you to contribute to the most creative delay reasons you can come up with to entertain the passengers ie. You!

Feel free to add the reasons you have heard that are not listed below and of course, your most innovative ones 😃

 Current overused reasons

‘Due to ________, the train will be delayed for a short while’

  1. system fault
  2. line fault
  3. congestion ahead
  4. train ahead in next station
  5. emergency button activated
  6. platform heavy passenger activity
  7. checks on the new signalling system
  8. re-signalling fault 
  9. Screen door fault

‘Due to signalling test/checks expect an additional X mins  to your travel time.’
‘The train has stopped here for a short while because the train ahead is still in the next station’

Suggested reasons (as credible as possible)

Due to _________, the train will be delayed for a short while’

  1. uneven tracks warped by the recent heat wave (technical and logical)
  2. scrambled signalling system caused by magnetic interference  from solar activity (outer worldly)
  3. unusual non-human manifestations up ahead (other worldly)
  4. unexpected air displacement (less vague and more technical)
  5. driver answering nature call
  6. the economic downturn
  7. too much friction from wheel to track contact because of overladen train
  8. irreconcilable differences between itself and the commuters

‘The train has stopped here for a short while because _________’

  1. if it doesn’t it will have to later anyway
  2. it is suffering an emotional breakdown
  3. it needs rest
  4. the driver needs rest
  5. an object ,living or non living, is lodged between doors 

Just relax and have a great day!

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Big fairs like Art Basel Hong Kong are great for business, but bad for art

Is she? Or Isn’t she?

Hyper realistic sculpture of a kneeling woman.

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Theatre Tranquillitatis

My Theatre of Tranquility.

Been down lately. Got two of my short stories rejected. I’m kind off trying to get use to this.

Did a stop motion video with the kids. Do check it out

English: Lego car animation created by slow-mo...

English: Lego car animation created by slow-motion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It means so much to them and a “like” will encourage them to do better. 🙂

Have great days ahead of you.


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Save My Cushions!

Old and stained to like brand new!

Found This Painted That

Okay, I will!


Pricing out some new cushions for our current two that are faded and stained with tree sap, bird poop and who knows what else, I came across some fabric medium and, remembering how I wish I had tried this product on my Before and After chair, I thought, perfect opportunity to give ‘er a go.

IMG_0465  IMG_0467

Having friends over for a BBQ spurred me on to try it sooner rather than later. And yet, somehow, I still managed to wait till the last second to do it.  In other words, don’t look too closely unless you want to notice the sloppy bits.

I wanted to try something a little more than just solid colour, some kind of fun design.  Summer just allows for bright, whimsical decorating.  That’s what I think, anyway.  How about applying some summer related words!

Follow the mixing directions on the bottle.  Mine says…

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The Bookpocalypse–What to Do When You Realize Your Story Might Be DEAD

Motivational post from Kristen Lamb. Makes me feel it is all worth it.

I’ve been working on My YA novel and it is a big mess. I was too overly ambitious, assuming I could write a full length novel as my first project. But having come this far and having inspired by Kristen I’m going to overhaul it and bring it out to the world.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Since I am dedicating this week to the apocalypse to support my friend, Piper Bayard, I thought we’d take a day to look at the Bookpocalypse. What IS a Bookpocalypse? The Bookpocalypse is when you realize that first book you’ve been working, reworking, taking to critique, etc. is a train wreck and, for all intents and purposes, unsalvageable.

I went through this, too. Back in the 90s, when I began my tome, I mistakenly believed that making As in English naturally qualified me to be a best-selling author.

Yeah, um. NO.

And there comes that point that we need to be honest why our book is being rejected (or, in the new paradigm, not selling). This can be a very depressing low for any artist. I still remember the day it dawned on me my first book was mess and it was time to pull the plug. This is…

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321 PSI. That’s it. Taking leave tomorrow…to write!

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