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The Year of the Horse 2014. 新年快乐!

恭喜发财! Here’s wishing all of you  a Prosperous Lunar New Year! A touch of Longevity doesn’t hurt either. 😛

This is the festive period of the year where good food and family values come together.

What is more representative of Chinese New Year custom than the Reunion dinner (年夜飯)?

Glistening grilled shrimps.

Succulent scallops. Sesame oil marinated pork. Bouncy fish spheres (balls sounds too crude ~lol).

The freshest flower crabs with oozing roe.

Spicy chicken curry. And the very intense pork ribs simmered in candlenut (Aleurites moluccana) sauce.

And aside from the gastronomic indulgence. A few images of the festive symbolisms.



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Food and Travel 食品和旅游

We celebrated our anniversary at a resort in Pulau Ubin. No PCs. I had to thumb-type on my phone!

We waited more than half an hour for the ferry across because we had to wait for ONE more person to fill the boat to max capacity.  😦


Ahhh, the cuisine.

Local fare on a the island escapade of Ubin off Singapore.

Mouth watering local fare on a the island escapade of Ubin off Singapore.

Clockwise from bottom left.
1) (Mee goreng) Stir fried noodles with eggs and prawns, drenched in tomato ketchup.
2) Stir fried (kailan 芥蘭) leafy vegetables in garlic.

3) Crispy deep fried ‘baby’ squids in sweet dark sauce. (Felt kind of guilty eating Baby squids!)
4) Braised (toufu) bean curd and vegetables broiled in a claypot.

5) Deep fried squid rings coated in crushed salted eggs and chilli.
6) Stir fried rice in Maggi seasoning sauce.

And the scenery.

Celestial Resort

Celestial Resort. Brooding skies.

Do you see an aircraft? It took off from Changi Airport.

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