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“Clear skies! ….but prepare for return.”

At last some respite, thanks to rain and south easterly winds. The haze situation has lessen somewhat to the 50-100 moderate range. There isn’t the smell of burnt ash and visibility has improved but the PM2.5 threat is still ever present, the particles waiting to quietly lodge themselves deep in the lungs every breath you take. I empathise with our neighbour up north where they are hitting 700+PSI in some states.

Only last week, people were panicking when masks ran out in the pharmacies. Many resorted to ordering them online but opportunists abound who price them three to seven times there cost. Others just shut themselves indoors and turn on the air conditioning and air purifiers. I saw signs at major electronics and appliances stores that indicate air purifiers, even the costly ones were sold out.

Well. We have to go on with our lives.


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“Life threatening for the ill and elderly.”

We have gone past the 400 mark. The ‘Life threatening for the ill and elderly ( and also possibly those who has chronic asthma)’ range.

One issue of concern is that N95 masks are hard to get  everywhere.

I empathise for those walking outside on the streets now. They must be breathing in hellfire. Mask or no mask. I can’t see five metres out from my window.

I just hope it doesn’t get any higher and that the rains will come soon.



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HAZARDOUS (and Beyond)

392afp_sgcommutersmasksToday we hit a new all time high within a day. 371. Gonna hit 400 soon one of these days, beyond which, according to NEA, is “life threatening to the ill and elderly.”Image

Below are two statements made by ministers of our emphatic neighbour after requests to act on the situation.

“Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise,”

“Our forests produce oxygen which makes the air cool for them , but they have never been grateful.”

I read them with my mouth wide open, incredulous.

Erm…looking on the bright side, while we are slowly being smothered to oblivion, we get stand up comedy to ease the suffering.

Till next time…if I’m still able to write.

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321 PSI. That’s it. Taking leave tomorrow…to write!

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The smothering air.


This is unbelievable. Since my last post the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has reached a record of 290, a hundred point jump from noly a few hours ago, way into the ‘Very Unhealthy’ range. It is the worst ever reading in the history of Singapore. The way it is going I’m sure it would hit the 300+ ‘Hazardous’ level soon.

People are literally choking on this pea soup haze. Even now I can feel the particulates settling on my eyes! Coupled with the heat wave I’m sure this could have been Dante’s inspiration for Inferno.

This is face mask time. Someone better come up with a portable air filtration, purification system fast!

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