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Lux et Tenebrae 光明与黑暗


Vectorized deers frolicking in a wire-frame forest.


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June 4, 2013 · 3:58 pm

Ortum Diei

Hi, out there. I’m still trying to find time to get on with my writing. Forcing out like a miserable twenty words per day. 😦

I was halfway through breakfast, pondering if I should rewrite some bad dialogue when I thought that I should take a picture of what I was having and putting it up here.. (I get distracted too easily, *sigh*)


This is chwee kueh (水粿), literally translated to “Water cake“. Made from rice flour, steamed, and topped with stir fried Chinese radish (the brownish bits). Added a dollop of fried chilli paste to taste.

Right now, I’m almost at the verge of insanity trying to write dialogue spoken by the indigenous people of my fantasy world.

For example, “I beseech that you shall not reveal your identity. And it shall be best if you are known only plainly as Meg.”

Somehow “Come on, chill it.  You’d better not go around yapping to every Tom, Dick and Harry who you really are. Just stick to Meg for now,” probably doesn’t cut it as ‘mediaeval’ enough for my setting.

Hmm. “I beseech thee that thou shalt not reveal thy identity.”  Maybe I should just let everyone speak normal…


June 1, 2013 · 6:10 pm